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Where will Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles play in 2019?

Nick Foles will forever be remembered in Philadelphia for taking over for the injured Carson Wentz late in 2017, leading the team through a dramatic post season run ending in a Super Bowl victory over the heavily favored Patriots. After a similar push this season which resulted in a season ending loss in the NFC Divisional round, Nick Foles’ time in Philadelphia is over, to the chagrin of the Foles’ lovers in Philadelphia. However, Carson Wentz is clearly the choice for the Eagles, so the question is, “Do the Eagles trade Foles or let him choose his destination via free agency?”

Eagles options

The Eagles’ plan was to trade Foles for a third-round pick or better and get something in return. Denver was an option before Joe Flacco was traded there from the Ravens. So where else could the Eagles realistically trade Foles? The Dolphins are reportedly wanting to change direction from Ryan Tannehill, and Foles might be their best option. Brian Flores, now head coach of the Dolphins, was the linebackers’ coach in New England facing Foles in Super Bowl LII. He’s well aware of what Foles is capable of.

A trade could be made to the Raiders, although Derek Carr is still at the helm. The Raiders, clearly rebuilding, could want to trade Carr and trade for Foles. Oakland has a lot of money available under the salary cap and would receive first-round picks from the Eagles if they used the franchise tag on him.

The best bet in terms of a trade would be to the Jaguars, where former Eagles quarterback’s coach Jon DeFilippo works as offensive coordinator. Foles and all the Eagles quarterbacks appeared to have an excellent relationship with DeFilippo. If the Eagles can get a decent amount in return, it could be the perfect spot to make Foles happy and help the Eagles in the process.

Foles options

He has clearly stated he wanted to test the market via free agency and go to the place of his choosing. The Eagles might not be able to afford to let him do that, particularly if Foles signs with the Giants or Redskins. Clearly the Eagles don’t want to have to face him twice or more in the same season.

While money is always a big factor, for Foles that won’t be the deciding factor, as situation is more important. Clearly, he wants a chance to play and lead a team into contention, so at this stage of his career a team in a clear rebuilding process might be a longshot destination.

Although it’s unlikely that Foles returns to the Eagles, that’s never an impossibility, depending on how the free agent market shapes up. Other free agent quarterbacks include Teddy Bridgewater, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tyrod Taylor, Brock Osweiler and Josh McCown.

The most likely bet at this point is for the Eagles to trade Foles to the Jaguars and get what they can for him. That will benefit both Foles and Eagles, which is the best for both worlds.

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